Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger for Food Beverage Milk Pasteurization

  Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger for Food Beverage Milk Pasteurization

Component Materials

Heat-exchange plate: SUS304, SUS316L, SMO254, titanium, nickel, Hastelloy alloy

Gasket seal: NBR, H-NBR, EPDM, food pad, fluorine rubber, silicon rubber

Frame: Carbon steel, stainless steel, coated stainless steel

Clamping bolt: Galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel

Interface: Rubber, carbon steel, stainless steel

Guide bar: Galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel

Gasket material and application:

 Material Description  Code  Applicable Temperature (degree centigrade )  Anti-corrosive Performance and Applicable Occasions
 NBR  N  -20~110  Hot air, water, non-polar oil, mineral oil, lubricant and silicone oil, etc.
 EPDM  E  -50~150  Vapor, polar chemical medium, alcohol, weak acid, weak alkali and oxidizing agent, etc.
CR  C  -40~100  Ammonia, mineral oil and lubricant, etc.
 Fluorine Rubber  F  0~180  Inorganic acid, alkali, mineral oil and Haloalkane, etc.
 Silicon Rubber  Q  -65~230  Resistant to cold current and dry hot

1, High Efficiency
2, High Heat Transfer Rates
3, Modularity For Flexibility
4, Compact Design
5, Self-Cleaning Action
6, Easy to maintance

Introduction to Plate Sheet 
The sheet is of unique linear and planar positioning structure, which can reduce the possibility for inter-sheet malposition;
Fillets in the sheet are of “Interlocked” structure which allows for mutual interlocking of sheets.
The herringbone corrugated sheet is featured by high heat transfer efficiency; in addition, net-shaped contacts are formed in mutually reverse directions after the entire machine is assembled, featuring good pressure resistance.


Introduction to Sealing Gasket
Sealing gasket is inserted and fixed to the slot in heat-exchanging sheet, featuring easy insertion and replacement of sealing gasket, which can substantially reduce stoppage time.
Sealing function is separated from fixing function. Even if some “clamps” with fixing function fail, the gasket can still have sealing function in the slot.


Application and Structral Chart  :

How does a Plate Heat Exchanger Work?
Each unit consists of a series of grooved plates that are individually gasketed and pressed tightly together by compression bolts within a frame. Fluids enter and exit the PHE through portholes in one or both ends of the frame. Within the unit, the fluid to be heated or cooled flows down one side of each plate, while the heating or cooling medium flows in the opposite direction across the other side. The huge temperature difference created by these opposite flows allows maximum heat transfer efficiency for closest possible approach temperature .

About Warranty

We promise 10 year guarantee. In the first year all reasonable relevant cost will be undertaken by us if our heat exchanger fail to work due to quality problem, only the free repairing operation guide  is available in the rest of the 9 years via E-mail /Fax/Phone

Company Profiles :

Guangzhou Jiema is focus on the heat exchanger and spare parts manufacturer since 2005 with over 200 workers .
Welcome to visit us :
We also provided technical service such as technical consultation, equipment update, capacity expansion scheme, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.
Our objective is to supply you the correct specification of material to suit your particular application.


Obtained some part of the certificates :

CE , ISO9001:2008, TUV , SGS , Contract-credit


1. Q: How long can we deliver goods?
A: 15-40days after payment.
2. Q: Where are our main markets?
A: Our main market are North and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa.
3. Q:  What payment terms can you accept?
A:  We can accept L/C, T/T, etc.
4. Q: Can you accept customized order?
A: Yes, we accept, we have very professional technical group who can design the special products according to your basic parameter/ data sheet/ drawings or sample.
5. Q:  Do you have your own factory or just you are a trading company?
A: We are direct manufacturer leader in China, one manufacturing center is located in Guangzhou, another in Hubei Province
6. Q: Is OEM order acceptable to your company?
A: OEM is OK.

Please provide the following working parameters, we will provide you with professional design and selection Suggestions.

Capacity (Kw/Kcal/h)
Hot side medium Cold side medium
Flow rate Flow rate
Inlet temperature Inlet temperature
outlet temperature outlet temperature
Working pressure Working pressure
Allowable prssure drop Allowable prssure drop


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