Plate type air washer heat exchanger for chilled water

Plate type air washer heat exchanger for chilled water

Product Description 

JIEMA plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger made of thin metal plates that are pressed to corrugated shape, then stacked and fixed with bolts in a frame. Narrow and tortuous channels are formed between two plates. Then, heat exchange can be took place when the hot and cold work fluid flows through the channels.

Structural Chart of Plate Heat Exchanger

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Component Material

Heat-exchange sheet: SUS304, SUS316L, SMO254, Titanium, Nickel, Hastelloy Alloy

Gasket seal: NBR, H-NBR, EPDM, food pad, fluorine rubber, silicon rubber

Frame: Carbon steel, stainless steel, coated stainless steel

Clamping bolt: Galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel

Interface: Rubber, carbon steel, stainless steel

Guide bar: Galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel 

Introduction to Sheet 

1.The unique-structure shunting area can balance fluid distribution.

2.The sheet is of unique linear and planar positioning structure, which can reduce the possibility for inter-sheet malposition.

3. Fillets in the sheet are of “Interlocked” structure which allows for mutual interlocking of sheets.

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4.Design of large-angle ripples can raise heat transfer coefficient with fairly great reduction of resistance.

5.Design of small-angle ripples allows for reduction of degradation resistance and is featured by fairly low heat transfer coefficient.

6.Appropriate sheet type should be reasonably selected according to the parameters of working conditions at the time of design selection so as to achieve the best application effect.

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7.Upper guide bar is designed with double slopes, which can improve stability of the sheets.

8.The inside part of clamping board is of bushing ring structure, which can improve matching accuracy.

9.The herringbone corrugated sheet is featured by high heat transfer efficiency; in addition, net-shaped contacts are formed in mutually reserve directions after the entire machine is assembled, featuring good pressure resistance.

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Introduction to Sealing Gasket

Sealing gasket is inserted and fixed to the slot in heat-exchanging sheet, featuring easy insertion and replacement of sealing gasket, which can substantially reduce stoppage time. Sealing function is separated from fixing function. Even if some “clamps” with fixing function fail, the gasket can still have sealing function in the slot.

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Material Description


Applicable Temperature (ºC)

Anti-corrosive Performance and Applicable Occasions




Hot air, water, non-polar oil, mineral 
oil, lubricant and silicone oil, etc.




Vapor, polar chemical medium, alcohol, weak acid, weak alkali and oxidizing agent, etc.




Ammonia, mineral oil and lubricant, etc.




Inorganic acid, alkali, mineral oil and 
Haloalkane, etc.

Silicon Rubber



Resistant to cold current and dry hot

Main Features

Great logarithmic average temperature difference:

Plate heat exchanger can realize full countercurrent form; the temperature correction coefficient is 1.

High heat transfer coefficient

The corrugation of the sheet in plate heat exchange can make fluid generate turbulent flow with minor Reynolds number; its heat transfer coefficient is 3-5 times as large as that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger, reaching 7,000W/m2K at the most.

Small floor area

Plate heat exchanger features compact structure. The heat-exchanging area per unit volume is 2-5 times as large as that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger; the floor area occupied by plate heat exchanger is approximately one fifth to one tenth of the area occupied by shell-and-tube heat exchanger, given that the same heat exchange task is fulfilled by them.

Light weight and low price

The sheet in plate heat exchanger is only 0.5~0.8mm in thickness. The heat-exchanging area needed by it is smaller than that needed by shell-and-tube heat exchanger, given that the same heat-exchange task is fulfilled by them. The weight of plate heat exchanger is only around one fifth of the weight of shell -and-tube heat exchanger.

Small temperature difference at the end

As for water-water heat exchange, the lowest temperature difference at the end can be lower than 1℃, which is extremely beneficial to the recovery of low-temperature heat energy.

Low dirt coefficient

The dirt coefficient of plate heat exchange is small for the following reasons: Violent turbulent flow of fluid causes low-possibility deposition of impurities; the dead zone of inter-sheet channel is small; the heat-exchanging surface made of stainless steel is smooth, which results in less corrosive attaching.

Heat exchange with multiple media

Plate heat exchange allows for heat exchange with three or more media via the middle clapboard, which is extensively applied in milk product

Convenient cleaning

To clean the sheet mechanically, unscrew the clamping bolt in plate heat exchanger to loosen the binding of plate and then unload the sheet, featuring extremely convenient maintenance.

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Stainless Steel Removable Plate Heat Exchanger5060


Foods Milk, juice, sugar solution, soy and sesame oil, liquor, beer, heating, sterilization/cooling for edible oil, etc., heat recovery, and CI P liquid heating
Chemical Petroleum, paraffin, various acids, sulfuric acid, kerosene, salt sulfate, zinc, nucleic acid, polymerization process, soft water cooling, heating for glycerine, etc., condensing ethanol, etc.
Textile Washing water, NaOH solution, dyeing water cooling and waste heat recovery
Electric & electronic Circulating water, flushing coolant, transmission oil cooling, rectifier transformer, SCR cooling, high frequency heat treatment cooling, pure water treatment, electron tube cooling and blackening furnace cooling
Mechanical facility Machineries cooling, emulsion, hydraulic oil, abrasive liquids cooling, compressor, industrial furnace cooling, transmission oil, autoclave water cooling and engine cooling
Ship-building Central Cooling, Lub Oil, Jaket, Piston Water, Heavy Oil, Transmission Oil cooling, Diesel Oil, Heating Oil preheating
Steel Iron Mould cooling, cooling for continuous casting process, furnace, coking plant cooling, emulsion, ammonia water cooling, machineries, compressor cooling, washing oil cooling, hydraulic oil cooling, heat recovery for washing water and other waste heat recovery processing
Surface treatment Sulfate cooling, phosphate, heating/cooling for pretreatment process liquid of coating, heat treatment liquid cooling, galvanizing and chrome coating
Extraction process Crude Alcohol, Soy Bean Oil, Cooling for fatty acid, etc. and heating for coconut oil, edible oil, etc.
Pharmacy Cooling, heating and concentrating for extracting solutions, cream, sugar solution, emulsion, suspension, plasma, citric acid, etc.
Paper pulp Washing water, chlorine water cooling and waste heat recovery
Building equipments Heating, heating for hot water supply, heating and cooling for HVAC, etc., condenser, evaporator, heat pump cooling, hydraulic oil cooling and waste heat recovery
Automobile Cooling for heat treatment solution and cutting fluid, heating for pretreatment of coating and paint cooling for spray booth (Phosphatizing sol. cooling)
Fish tank Fish tank sea water heating, waste heat recovery, incubator and fish farm
Plant Ice thermal storage system, district heating plant, nuclear power plant and swimming pool

Plate Heat Exchanger for Heating Cooling and Pasteurization Advantages:  

   (1) High Heat Transfer Coefficients

(2) Saving the installation space

(3) Low contamination

(4) Minimum heat loss

(5) Applicability & standardization

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Stainless Steel Removable Plate Heat Exchanger7647

Jiema Power&Certificate:

◎10 years experience:heat exchanger and presusre vessel

◎2 production bases:Guangzhou,Hubei

◎5 Export market:Aisa,Mideast,Africa,South America,America

◎Strong technican team: 5 senior engineers who have over 15 years experience in  heat transferring area